Through our cocreation partner ECN the AiREAS airboxes were present during the European benchmarking and calibration test in Aveiro Portugal.

In the picture you see the camper packed with technology of various innovative companies. The cocreation of AiREAS via ECN proves to be a leading piece of technology in the field of multi measurement of air quality in real time.

The AiREAS Airboxes can be seen on the left hand rear back of the vehicle. More will be reported here soon.

With the use of the Airboxes, combined with scientific insight of positioning the measurement in the field and the expected usage of the data, AiREAS defines purpose driven “healthy city” projects involving local city government, citizens and value driven new age entrepreneurs.

The Airboxes are subject of European H2020 role out of Local City AiREAS. We invite cities to participate in the program where measurements feed all kinds of local AiREAS innovations for “healthy city” development in a multidisciplinary way.

One example of the civilian usage of AiREAS network of Airboxes. The cocreation of healthy bicicle routes through town.