Maps4SocietyOur AiREAS partner, the Technical University of Twente, under responsibility of Prof. Alfred Stein and aided by Dr. Nicholas Hamm, has been honored a research project within Maps4Society using the facilities of Local AiREAS Eindhoven and its partnership in our co-creation. The project was one of the 6 honored out of 13. The purpose is of Maps4Society within EU and local context can be seen on its site.

The project title says it all:

Developing an Automatic System for Mapping Air Quality Risks in Space and Time

The fine maze intelligent measurement system (ILM) of AiREAS was realized with the insights and co-creative efforts of Prof. Stein who introduced the spatial issues of modulation, climate, weather types, etc. in the positioning of the Airboxes throughout town. This applied scientific insight is a key part of the quality of the measurement network. the other key value is the technology of low cost, fine maze, real time, multiple fine dust levels, as well as the direct implication of all relevant specialized and functional disciplines of the dynamics of the city (government, science, civilians and entrepreneurial innovators).

But the ILM may deliver a continuous stream of data, the value driven interpretation in relation to public health is still in an early cradle phase of knowledge development and application. This research project is therefor for tremendous value for AiREAS as pushing instrument for “healthy city” co-creation by adding to the particle measurement also a valued health risk assessment in Time and Space.

At the same time phase 2 is being rolled out which does the health follow up through research on the physical body, lifestyle and behavior with the direct involvement of 4000 local citizens.

That’s why we are all enthusiastic about this project. AiREAS was created from scratch ideologically in 2010 and went from 1 person to 2, 3 and then gently to 40,000, growing as a cooperative movement in just 4 years time! It is the first time that an external validation committee granted confidence to AiREAS via our partner ITC, University Twente, a recognized establishment that placed trust and effort into AiREAS right from the beginning. Trust is one of the binding factors of AiREAS and of great reassurance that it is also attracts new resources. If we maintain this quality we will certainly be able expand the culture productively world wide for the benefit of our sustainable human progression.