About AiREAS

AiREAS is an initiative from Jean-Paul Close and Marco van Lochem. Both have extensive experience in the technical industry and (international) business world. They are convinced of the necessity for a new approach to achieve their goal; a clean and healthy living environment. The founders have gathered people around them, prepared to take responsibility for their part. Together they form AiREAS, a cooperative association.

This means that:

  • AiREAS has no typical project leaders
  • No-one is on the payroll
  • Participants form a round table based on equality
  • Everyone can participate and take on tasks, in their own living environment

AiREAS is founded on the vision and work method of the STIR Foundation (Stad van Morgen).

Formally AiREAS is a cooperative association where the four pillars of society (citizens, government, entrepreneurs and science) are working together equally to co-create a healthy living environment, with air quality and health as the main principles.

AiREAS forms regional “Local AiREAS”. A local AiREAS means a group is formed, taking on the responsibility for a concrete project, according to the stip-step process. A Local AiREAS is always founded in an area, usually a city.

The first Local AiREAS is founded in 20211 in Eindhoven. This has resulted in multiple concrete values that can now be used elsewhere in the world:

  • proof that sustainocracy as a form of collaborating and transformational economy works
  • a measuring network for ‘real time’ air quality monitoring
  • the knowledge to work together multi disciplined, result oriented and value driven

About Jean-Paul Close

Jean-Paul is the founder of the ideological Cities of Tomorrow (STIR Foundation) where human and natural core values are central. From which the vision was created that we share a collective responsibility for those core values and our organizations are vital instruments in “human hands” to realize and sustain these values. People are connected in clusters around local, complex priorities. This developed support for AiREAS in Eindhoven and Brabant, at the highest level of awareness driven co-creation. Jean-Paul guards the ideological framework for AiREAS and supports the added value for co-creation.

About Marco van Lochem

Top executive and entrepreneur in the ICT world. In 2009 he joined Cities of Tomorrow (STIR Foundation) from a need to “give something back to humanity”. Marco was the first one to accept the invitation to co-create, and mobilise his network for cooperation. Creator of the name and logo for AiREAS. Marco guards the projects, financial handling of all processes and the quality of the projects execution.


Everyone can participate in the AiREAS processes by answering the question: what can I contribute to the development of our health and a healthy living environment? AiREAS claims loosely “what you can do to promote health and clean air, you do yourself. What is too complex, we do together”. Every project that is initiated by an involved individual or institution composes a group of their own participants. Partners are: several governments, GGD, TNO, RIVM, technological companies, medical practicioners, scientists, educational institutions, active citizens, innovative companies, new entrepreneurs, activists, etc.

Participate in the AiREAS Cooperation?

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