What is the stip-step process?

The higher purpose of AiREAS is always on the table. This is called the stip (the process)

Around the table, initiatives are introduced that contribute to the changing realities (added value) to achieve the stip. This is called the step (the project)

Of all the possible steps, choices are made based on:

  • expected results
  • means that are necessary to realise the goal
  • available means

If a step is chosen it is devised on a project base, the executing parties are chosen from those present, and connect with the project. Further means are searched and acknowledged. These parties execute the project, measure results and guarantee developments in AiREAS for regional and above-regional upscaling.

The stip-step process is executed as often as the project load can handle. Citizens initiatives, entrepreneurs, local government and science are always working together in a cooperative way.

The stip-step process of Sustainocracy

The stip
The stip is known: “healthy areas with a healthy population based on air quality and public health”.

The step
By backtracking from the higher purpuse to the present moment the steps can be determined to reach the stip. Every step is an individual project, complex enough to have it’s attention focussed from a multi disciplinay collaboration.

A step is suggested by a single or multiple AiREAS members based on expected results. The step(s) are determined from the collective and prioritised for the execution.

Afterwards the intention is formulated and the members gather the necessary means. Once this project is complete the execution is started. This execution is done by partners or appointed local parties.


After completion follows the evaluation, wether or not the expectations are met. These expectations are translated (in case of AiREAS) always to measurable, positive changes towards air quality or public health.

This feedback is important to determine the next steps but also to repeat the succeses elsewhere.