The scientific community of Euro-SPES celebrated its 20th anniversary in Budapest during a special encounter in which 65 university and research representatives participated out of 23 countries.

As STIR foundation we feel very welcome in this community for Spirituality and Economics. The title of the conference was “Spirituality and Business in the Anthropocene Era”. STIR had submitted a paper about “Existential Human Ethics, Maturity and Sustainocracy”, describing the warm converging power of the core human values as experienced in the AiREAS community for health and air quality in South East Brabant. Due to my temporary voice problems I decided to produce a video on the ethical choices I had to make personally and what the city Eindhoven had gone through in the recent decades. These choices defined both my own worldview and the way Eindhoven positioned itself in the world since the ’90’s, and how these eventually converged through AiREAS and the ethics of human care for health. Now I share the video for all to see and comment. The key question in this complex era goes for everyone “what am I?” and even more general “what are we as humankind?”.  The answer may define our sustainable perspective or our self elimination.