We want to be living healthy together, in a healthy living environment. By building knowledge about health and clean air, together with citizens and agencies, AiREAS contributes to a healthy living environment. The less we pollute nature, the better it is for our healthy and future. From our cooperation we contribute to this collective awareness.

What does AiREAS stand for?

In the litteral sense, AiREAS stands for AIR and AREAS. It’s a citizens initiative with the method to promote cooperation for our health and a healthy living environment. AiREAS is part of the City of Tomorrow vision, where “humans and our sustainable progress” are a central element, this is called sustainocracy.

Sustainocracy gives meaning to the awareness that matters such as health, safety, self-sustainability, self-awareness and reciprocity with nature are marked as core values of life and that these are above political and economic interests.

Method means a core values (higher purpose) based collaboration between citizens, government, entrepreneurs and scientists.

Air Quality

The most important principle for AiREAS is air quality, clean air means a clean living environment.

Air Quality

Air quality is vital for life. In cities around the world, citizens physically encounter the effects of air quality. Pollution is usually invisible, but the long term consequences are evident: Clean air is bad for our health, and it becomes increasingly clear how big these harmful effects are. Especially about particulates and ultra-particulates is an increased amount of information.


Another important principle for AiREAS is health, since our health is intrinsically linked to the air quality.


Our health turns out to be intrinsically linked to the air quality. Health effects of air pollution can already occur after short-term, high concentrations (smog). We see an enormous increase in air quality related health issues, such as lung cancer, asthma and other airway related illnesses. The AiREAS initiative wants to tackle this problem at it’s root, so we can move towards good health, also in the cities.

AiREAS Explained