In the litteral sense, AiREAS stands for AIR and AREAS. It’s a citizens initiative with the method to promote cooperation for our health and a healthy living environment. AiREAS is part of the City of Tomorrow vision, where “humans and our sustainable progress” are a central element, this is called sustainocracy.

Sustainocracy gives meaning to the awareness that matters such as health, safety, self-awareness, self-sustainability and reciprocity with nature are marked as core values of life and that these are above political and economic interests.

Method means a core values (higher purpose) based collaboration between citizens, government, entrepreneurs and scientists.

AiREAS follows these steps

The higher pupose: regional public health with air quality as principle
Approach: Sustainocratic cooperation (value driven collaboration citizens, government, entrepreneurs and scientists)
Applied innovation: socially, technologicaly and administrative
Initiative and chairperson local AiREAS: Sustainocrat (independant, preferably local, citizen)

We use the stip step process to define our method.

The formula

Talent x Effort x Higher Purpose = Added Value x Reciprocity

To include, never exclude

The basic principle of a sustainocratic cooperation like AiREAS is that everyone can participate, with the condition that individual can have a concrete contribution (Talent) to the process (Effort) of creating a healthy living environment (Higher Purpose).

Since this is a multi disciplined collaboration most talents compliment each other even though a mutual reciprocity is sought after. Members are participating out of self-interest because this is the best motivation for collaboration.

A local AiREAS is initiated around a regional purpose of air quality and public health, therefore local participants have a self-interest of a healthy living environment with a common goal. This self-interest is further served as a consequence of talent driven effort towards the common goal and shared higher purpose.

Non local participants have another stake which is connected to unique qualities that are contributed and aren’t locally available (technology, knowledge, special methods, innovations, references, etc).

Method Local AiREAS

A local AiREAS is characterizes as a clearly defined region where the collaboration is executed. Participants are invited by Sustainocrats for a meeting where all parties are represented.

The participants bring in a concrete contribution to make project driven descisions on the spot that are afterwards developed further. During these meetings AiREAS asks for executives and regional representatives with decisiveness and authority, so they are able to take the project to the next level.

From local to global

Local sollutions are secured within the AiREAS movement, taking the area (Local AiREAS) where it was developed into account. Specialized local partners can share the values they have created throughout the world. Through reciprocity there is a growth in authentic sollutions, fitting the identity of the larger organisation and also a reccomendation for the application of sustainable local development. In collaboration with AiREAS, other areas in the world can start a Local AiREAS, to achieve the same results in their part of the world.

So that AiREAS is the root of the approach and the local AiREAS the leaves with multinational structures, the branches of the cooperative organism. AiREAS has no personnel or infrastructure, and is fully founded on the spreading of the Sustainocratic work methods.