AiREAS in Words

It is AiREAS policy to make our experiences of level 4 society building and regional development based on core values such as health and healthy air (eco society referred to as Sustainocracy) available through free of charge open access publications.

Here we show where you can find our work in English:

Free AiREAS publications

AiREAS phase 1: making visible the invisible – Direct download

AiREAS phase 3: civilian participation – Direct download

AiREAS proof of principle: air quality in relation to health and lifestyle- Direct download

Experiences after 5 years of AiREAS and 1 year of ILM – Direct download

Other free publications and articles

Articles and publications from Jean-Paul on Researchgate

Artikel ‘How stupid can smart be’ – Direct download

Artikel ‘Redefining Human Complexities’ – Direct download

Whitepaper ‘The Wellness Continuum’ – Direct download

Paid publications and books

Integral Ecology and Sustainable Business – chapter about Participation Society. Review and buy the book

The spiritual dimension of business ethics and sustainable management – University of Budapest and EURO-Spes Review our chapter here, or buy the full book.


AiREAS in Visuals