Explosively more everything, except harmony!

While working hard with my STIR Foundation on the City of Tomorrow with all its initiatives (AiREAS, SAFE, FRE2SH, STIR Academy, etc), to produce a harmony driven society and culture, the big reality is evolving in exacty the opposite way. 2015 will bring the world more of everything, especially explosive stress but no harmony.

The reason for this is the positioning of our leading influencers and policy makers, to which we entrusted our wellbeing development and progress, in the field of greed and economic growth (instead of harmony where they should be).

Growth of Greed

Growth of Greed

The dominant field of insensitive speculation for financial growth, debt collection and social cost reduction produces at the same time the further development of poverty, people in chaos and in search for survival.

Greed produces poverty and tries to protect its interests through bureaucracy

Greed produces poverty and tries to protect its interests through bureaucracy

The problem of executive power concentrated in greed is that they develop legal instruments to increase bureaucracy and control mechanisms that block innovation and criticism of greed. This whole situation eliminates any sense of responsibility or ethics from the community while some people and institutions expand their greed over the back of everything else. Justice is in the hands of immoral criminality but this is not recognized in a system that created its own moral, blind and insensitive to its consequences.

Breaking the impasse
Many people turn their backs to the immoral executive of power by not recognizing their “authority” anymore. They start developing themselves into various directions:

1. They lay their hope into faith of the super natural, such as God, or religions, in search for spiritual meaning and purpose.

2. Or they lay their efforts into criticism of the greedy system that they turned their back to, in the hope to make it reflect and change, if necessary with force.

3. Further advanced people start to develop a new reality out of awareness and co-creation with like thinking people. Such new systems of complexity are challenging the old reality of greed but not necessarily target harmony yet, just the expression of their awareness and dissatisfaction. They often just want the destruction of the old wall of impediments rather than start developing the alternative in the field of harmony.

The field of awareness is hence still largely an unstructured chaos of initiatives and beliefs that have yet to mingle and commit to co-creation and direction. Meanwhile they do tend to become active in challenging the wall of impediments, offering more and more people the chance to escape from the senseless chaos and get into something more constructive.

All diversity of expressions of awareness are necessary to eventually develop a new evolutionary complexity of self aware harmony. Ethics, or the resistence to the lack of it, is a fundament for new society development but needs to cristalize itself into a common perception of structured progress and wellness. The search challenges the individual awareness in order to generate a level of empathy and cocreative effort. That is a next step. People involved first need to reassure for themselves their individual TO BE before they can contribute to a collective one. This only happens when they let go of the past and break through into creating their present and future together.

Awareness is necessary but also fragments all kinds of expressions

Awareness is necessary but also fragments all kinds of expressions

The self aware individuals (and even institutions) that manage to break through the wall of impendents are still themselves in struggle to define their own freedom and identity. Their anger with the blockage through impediments and their suffering of chaos first needs to given an emotional and spiritual position. You cannot eat “Awareness” nor does it provide housing, basic need or luxury. Awareness of what one leaves behind does not provide awareness where one goes to. Often freedom is accompanied by fear, a different type of fear than chaos, but fear it is. What will the future bring?

* Some let themselves be lured into the grips of other dogmatic systems that promise salvation but happen to be as dominant and greedy as the ones left behind

* Only few develop leadership skills to create a new harmonic human world. But these people are in such minority, with so little effect still in the shadow of the big movements of expansion of greed, chaos and awareness development, that the difference they make is still negligable.

Summing up all this we can easily state that harmony is still a long way away because of the powerful counter forces that move away from it. The sum of all arrows, especially greed and chaos, move away from from harmony making it an increasingly empty field, despite the efforts of some, like the STIR Foundation. At one stage the turning point will come and all forces will be directed at hamony but right now this turning point is still far away at the expense of more and more stress.

So 2015 will show an increase of:

In negative sense:

  • greed and speculation with all powerfull (legal) instruments of the evil to further suck wellness away
  • poverty and chaos development with all signs of dispair, aggression, criminality, etc
  • the reaction of governments with more taxes, bureaucracy and control mechanisms
  • the further blockage of true innovation out of self interest of a few

In positive sense:

  • the increase of collapse of the old system feeding both chaos and awareness
  • collapse of the old system eventually weakens the wall of impediments allow for more break throughs
  • the breakthrough of people in search for their own freedom and self determination
  • the search for spiritual meaning and solutions for new phases of wellbeing

Every individual, every community, every family or institution is facing one of the situations and will recognize for themselves where they stand. The ultimate situation is to work together on harmony in society, like Sustainocracy tries to establish by inviting people from each area to work together (not everyone is chaos or greed is in that particular state but represent institutions that are. They are most likely to use their own breakthough into awareness to try to get their institutions along and accept the invitation into Sustainocratic value driven ventures).