Since Eindhoven (Holland) is my living lab for Sustainocracy I reviewed the year in Dutch first. To many local people involved it makes sense. Internationally it takes a larger effort to understand and emphasise with what we do. It’s different and breaks through your traditional way of viewing yourself in relation to the human world organisation or your own culture.

Understanding a new society, such as “Sustainocracy”, needs involvement and commitment, not just curiosity or a passing by blog. So I will keep it short.

City of Tomorrow
If I had the define 2014 from a City of Tomorrow (STIR Foundation) perspective then two words come to mind: consolidation and growth.

Since its foundation in 2009 STIR established four different value driven cooperatives, each addressing a key global issue locally in Eindhoven.

Note: Global issues affect local communities in many different ways. Eindhoven is a city with specific characteristics. The local value driven solutions here would differ from those developped in for instance a harbour city, a city in a land climat or a megacity with lots of sky scrapers. Establishing local sustainocratic initiatives would produce unique values that can be expanded commercially world wide through the STIR network.

Each initiative is a result of the definition of sustainable human progress dealt with by our foundation. The initiatives in Eindhoven are:

AiREAS (since 2010): regional Air Quality and Human Health
FRE2SH (since 2013): regional self sufficiency and productivity
STIR Academy (since 2009): awareness, cocreation and new educative formats
SAFE (since 2014): safety and self sufficiency together.

AiREAS and STIR Academy are in phase of consolidation and growth. FRE2SH and SAFE are in pioneer phase.

AiREAS is expanding into new cities who either assume the technology or desire to develop a Local AiREAS.

Meanwhile Local AiREAS Eindhoven is entering into phase 2 and 3, involving citizen’s directly in cocreation of their vital and healthy living space.

STIR Academy is capturing the experiences that accumulate in all complex multidisciplinairy initiatives and makes it available through inspiring educational programs, European HUBs in cities and guiding international candidates with knowledge. New proven concepts around Sustainocratic Leadership, piramide entrepreneurial paradigm, human complexities, multidisciplinary cocreation and transformation economy are offered to the emerging global world for sustainable progress (business, government, education, ethics, science, citizenship).

FRE2SH is developing well with one first farmhouse to connect city self sufficiency through interactive food and energy programma’s.

SAFE was just recently set up to help people and institutions to address chaos as a transformative opportunity rather than fearful risk. It creates room and freedom to let go of the past and develop a new phase of harmony and prosperity.