STIR Academy facilitates the interconnection of pioneers in Europe to share inspiration and develop local implementation. The Academy sets up interactive sessions using webinars, videoconference or skype. This avoids travel and makes interaction effective.

PLEF is an Italian foundation working on sustainable progress. We met in Italië the first time when both presidents were invited to participate in Ervin Laszlo’s attempt to create the Giordano Bruno University. The University did not get off the ground but relationships kept in contact to see if things would match.

PLEF became the STIR HUB in Italy.

This was the second encounter looking into air quality on cities. STIR Academy invited AiREAS and the ministery of health from Holland. PLEF invited ISTECH, a foundation dedicated to designing equipment that cleans air from pollution.


The AiREAS working concept was discussed for application in Milano, Rome or other city. The interest was captured when Jean-Paul explained that government is not in the lead but asked to facilitate with infrastructure and support. It is all about activating the local citizens, value creation, entrepreneurship and innovation.

The Dutch Ministry of Health presented the ISPEX, a small low cost add on device for i-Phone with which air quality can be measured through techniques used in astronomy. ISPEX is interested in doing a European measurement project in September and invited Italy to participate.

The Italian company ISTECH presented their air cleaning product called APA. It cleans 25 meters around the system and can be applied indoor and outdoor. During the discussion AiREAS proposed to see if the APA could interact with the ILM measurement network in Holland.

Nicolette is working with EU SMARTCITIES and proposed to Brussels to create multidisciplinairy tables on Februari 11 th during the following encounter. Healthy city was proposed as theme using the Sustainocratic format as used by AiREAS. EU reacted positively. Waiting for confirmation. It would be a good way to roll out proven innovations fast.

Important steps were made. Thanks STIR Academy. Next time new relations with connect around the same or other topics.