Part of the Erasmus+ exchange program with Turkish students is their involvement in our healthy city co-creation. They rapidly develop expertise in their field of education stimulated by their own growing insight of the importance of taking care of our habitat and health. Their inspiration has taken them to create posters, websites, make small shows and presentations, continue their initiatives in their home towns and celebrate together their results through certification, photo´s and great enthusiasm. The last group decided to capture the process, that involves many 1000´s of youngsters and 100´s of teachers every year, in a short video…..


Happy with their hard work and results

The teaching is called Participative Learning, a peer 4 Sustainocratic method which stimulates self leadership, awareness and self learning mechanisms with a genuine direct contribution to society. One of the teachers remarked openly afterwards ´We have learned to appreciate much better our own students and are surprised to notice how much more they can do than we ever expected from them. We now realize that we need to change our teaching to deal effectively with their full capacity`.


Producing websites in co-creation


Happy teachers who learn as much as their pupils


Presenting your own work is nerve wrecking but highly satisfying when one receives the well earned applause


No competition, just shared responsibilities, team spirit and love to create true value together