Can you imagine a school that is free of charge within a community that creates a new human world in harmony among people and our environment? It exists and you can be part of it.

School of Talents is not a building where you can receive lectures nor is an online educational service. It is a gathering of talented people learning together how to develop and sustain a progressive community based on the 5 core human values expressed in Sustainocracy. A “school” is a collection of self aware vulnerable individuals that join together in equality, respect and trust to develop much more powerful resilience together as a group. Locally such schools become dynamic clusters of like minded people working on projects that make a difference. The clustering is mostly done by local Sustainocrats who are deep aware individuals that are talented connectors of a diversity of people and organizations around a common goal. The core human values and sustainocratic way of working are a common denominator, a kind of DNA, among all those schools or clusters.

We call the cluster a STIR HUB when such school has:

  • best practices and innovations to share with the other HUBs around the world
  • and is willing to receive inspiration, concepts, products or services from the other HUBs.

Everything that is exchanged or explained is always delivered with argumentation on how it can measureably help develop one or more of the core values at stake.

A STIR HUB or School of Talents is managed by a Sustainocrat who’s only liability to the rest is a commitment to Sustainocracy, its core human values and its democratic way of chosing local priorities for action. The HUB network is totally self regulating without any hierarchy. Everyone involved is in charge of maintaining the quality of the interaction, take corrective action in case of deviation or abuse, and sustain the values that got us connected in the first place. Below, the first School of Talents and STIR HUB Eindhoven in action.