On February 10th ASSOCHAM India organized a Global Summit in Delhi around the subject Smart Cities, Smart India. Jean-Paul Close was invited to speak. He only accepted if the subject of level 4 regional Sustainocratic development was of interest to the Indian approach. The organization confirmed this and the voyage was made representing both STIR (city of tomorrow) and AiREAS (healthy cities with healthy people).

The summit was attended by about 250 individuals of different cities of India and several persons from abroad. 2 local ministers used the summit to make political announcement and visions. India is investing 50 billion USD in Smart City development addressing 100 local cities in a competition. Funds were already allocated to the first 20.


Jean-Paul Close addressed those present with the message that the contextual change from money driven city management to health driven innovation and cocreation would change everything in the region (housing, mobility, infrastructure, social cohesion, energy usage, productivity).


The audience of over 250 delegates from all over India


The air in New Delhi is supposed to be the most polluted in the world


The time to speak was too short to get into great detail so Jean-Paul decided to explain the dual complexity of the human being and the choice we all have. He himself made the choice for life (see below) and acts according with Sustainocratic multidisciplinary cocreation yet most of our economies only deal with dead things that we often find more important than the living. Time has come that we all need to make the transit to life at all levels of society. He invited the professionals present to take this step.

AiREAS India

This choice is driving India now towards life (sustainocracy) in which the entire country can become world leader in value driven innovation.

Level 4 city development

Participation society (level 4) Sustainocracy would give India interesting innovative chances