On April 15th 2014 the operational split was made between the development of Local AiREAS Eindhoven and the global expansion of the recognized AiREAS values co-created to date.

Three values were agreed to be ready for expansion:

  • The sustainocratic co-creative way of working together in a multidisciplinary way. “Local responsibility commitment”.
  • The technological and practical ILM measurement network, calibrated as proven in its phase 1 at Eindhoven, consisting of outdoor, low cost Airboxes, near real time measurement techniques, modulation, database collection and open data interfacing. “Making the invisible visible”
  • The knowledge sharing expertise of multidisciplinary work group, project oriented co-creation, based on talent, commitment, equality, trust, protection of co-creation interests and circular fund development. “Sharing best practice”.
Satellite observation air pollution

Satellite observation air pollution PM 2.5

The first expansion of AiREAS through the creation of Local AiREAS is intended through the European program of Horizon2020 and Smart Cities by offering the three proven values to cities who want to establish a local co-creation community.

We start to evaluate which cities want to participate in the AiREAS program facilitating the processes through air quality, human health and regional innovation commitment and civilian participation. We also need to find a person or NGO that can take on the local coordinating role of the Sustainocrat.

The structure of a Local AiREAS

The structure of a Local AiREAS

Global AiREAS is a network of Local AiREAS linked through the central Sustainocrats and the value driven interaction between specialized local and global organizations.