The 7th sense

Communication is a rationalized skill that we tend to take for granted. Yet it is one of the most complex influential factors, in addition to our other 6 natural senses (smell, taste, touch, sight, hearing and spirituality, the latter being the equally underestimated inner or gut feeling, the 6th sense).

Communication has to do with expression, interpretation and influencing. We use ALL our senses to give communication a rationalized content but treat information in a processed way using existing formats stored in our minds. The 7th sense is a summing up of our regulated preception, expressed by putting it into words or some other means, influencing others with our points of view. The interaction between people and their expressions adds a unique dimension to our existence, one that is manipulated, subject to scientific research, learning processen and awareness breakthroughs . In “normal” situations our communication can be largely predictable, which is our biggest trap of blocked and distorted realities.

In our current days, with radio, television, internet, etc this unique 7th sense is determining largely how humankind will develop, liberating itself from old dogmas, hierarchies of power and destructive social structures. This movement of liberation affects us all and has many expressions prior to arriving at a common consensus of value driven progress and harmony.

To understand our own senses and skills we first need to become rationally, rather than intuitively, fully aware of their existence, including the true value and threat of our own 7th sense and the effect of it upon us when influenced by others. Then we’ll also become aware of our entrapment, potential freedom and in the end maybe of more things, such as “responsibility” and “sustainable progress”.

Deaf and deprived of communication 
To clarify my point just have a look at this African boy, Patrick, that seemed to be deprived from this 7th sense, unaware of his own potential, even though he has all the other underlying senses, except hearing. See what happens when he becomes aware of this 7th sense, available to him despite his hearing handicap:


The new Patrick has a world of difference ahead of him. Did you see him smile. What a change! From fearful, locked up misery to open brightness and interaction. He is a visualized example of someone who experiences a new level of awareness and breakthrough. He entered a new paradigm. It is easy to understand his breaking through and may fill us with joy as we identify and emphasise with the boy. Yet it is very difficult to see ourselves as Patricks, each with our own sensory handicap(s) or lack of open, transparant rationalization abilities using all our 7 senses. We tend to believe we use them all until something happens that shows that we don’t. Looking back we will see the same transformation but beforehand it seems impossible to anticipate.

It can however be learned.

We all tend to be like the old Patrick, deprived of our senses 
In our daily lives communication tends to become a routine that does not reach our awareness anymore. We automatically react (for 99%) to impulses that we are used to, educated to interprete, and fear everything else. This is normal.

A new born baby opens the eyes and watches the faces of the parents while hearing their voices. We become familiarized with the sounds and images that belong to it. We observe the reaction of those images when we produce early sounds ourselves. A crying baby for instance will set off a whole series of natural responses. The baby learns to interact with sounds and gestures by interpreting the reactions. As we grow older there is a lot that we can predict in our action/reaction routines and we give it no second thought. It becomes automated.

When we grow up in a particular culture we get “educated” in perceiving our reality in a certain way. We apply our safely rationalized, automated 99% as if we are living inside a preprogrammed bubble of action and reactions that are all considered “normal”. Just look at YouTube films of traffic in places around the world. For those who live the daily reality it is normal. For other who observe from elsewhere it is a drama.

Our entire society is made up out of such communicative coloring of our “normative” reality. Internet is breaking through these bubbles as we can suddenly peak into new realities that are different from ours. We get into an emotional tension of determining what is right. Our world views or what we observe from elsewhere. Especially when we are questioning our own reality out of personal pain or need for inspiration we open up for paradigm shifts. We call this “the evolution of ethics”.

Transforming reality
My own bubble of perception burst the first time when I left my well payed executive job in Spain. Everything that had seemed normal was gone and nothing had taken its place. I had to become aware again of ALL my senses and when that happened my face illuminated just like that of Patrick. In my international career I had learned to cancel out my senses and tune in solely on the status and money driven reality. When my senses were activated again, breaking through into my rational world, a totally new perception of reality displayed itself to me. I became aware again of colors, smells, spiritual connectivity, etc. It had of course always been there but my senses had been blocked. I had been deaf, blind and mentally disturbed for a long time.

The second time it happened to me was when I moved back to Holland, my country of birth, and noticed that the original genetic energy that I carried as a Dutchman was not the same anymore as the reigning energy within the country. It opened up my mind to try to find out why. Slowly I discovered that my fellow Dutch had eliminated many of their senses, making them vulnerable and dependent at the same time. They had become old Patricks living in a bubble full of fear and deprived of a sense of full reality. Deaf, blind, speechless and insensitive to the 6th sense. It was often impossible for me to communicate with them. They all would react like the old Patrick, fearful and evasive.

I realized that it was not just the Dutch. Billions of people in the world live their robotized life in their 99% bubbles of fear and deprived freedom. My own liberation had come through intense changes in my personal situation that had opened up my original 6 senses changing my usage of the 7th sense (communication). Instead of trying to sell my views to people I started to invite them to my extrasensory world.

How to orchestrated our senses, even if we lack one?
The teacher of Patrick showed caringly that being deaf is not a handicap that stands communication in the way. We all need to accept that all 7 senses exist and are available to us. We can learn how to use them to the full for our joy, benefit and sustainable progress, without the depriving manipulations or handicapped fears.

All people have all these 7 senses but certain malicious human forces have tried to manipulate them for many thousands of years. When we gain access, through crises or voluntary exercise, we see reality in a new way and things start to happen in freedom of creativity and self regulatory forces. One of the biggest challenges is to give humankind her senses back and step up evolution.

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