After a short holiday in Germany the comeback was hectic. Deadlines were to be met on various topics in which Sustainocracy plays a key role:

  1. E-SAPIENS project proposition needed to be finalized. It is a proposition for a multi-million subsidy to develop Sustainocratic core values in 20 European regions together with 24 highly involved partners from European universities, NGO’s, schools and developers.
  2. The 2nd global book of AiREAS, which talks about our third phase of healthy city development through air quality, needed to be proof read for publication via Open Access in September.
  3. An article on the participation society, a view on the spiritual change of dynamic human clusters around reward based systems that will transform our society and cities the coming decades. The article was in accordance to the Bodo conference of Euro-SPES and will be published through an English publisher.
  4. Our CITI-MAP project proposition, covering 5 mid European cities, entered its second phase. A lot of questions needed to be answered creating some controverse among the partners and myself about on what to focus to pull this through.
  5. Our sustainocratic School of Talents had to get structured before the new season starts in September.

All together these initiatives cover a population of an estimated 500 million civilians and various 100s of partners. Important to take it seriously considering they all come together in Sustainocracy and its participative way of cocreating sustainable communities.

Through great international teamwork all deadlines were met.