Every year VINCI, a french multinational with headquarters in Parijs and mother organisation of AiREAS partner Axians, makes a selection of top-innovations from all over the world and in different categories. Co-founder, Marco van Lochem, represented AiREAS during the European price announcement on October 30th in Frankfurt.

Marco informs:

We won the 1e price in the European region within the category of “Partners. There are a total of 6 categories and 5 special prices. Apart from “Europe” there are the following other regions in the contest: France, UK, America and “the rest of the world”.

The total number of submission for “Europe” were (I believe) initially around 500. Out of these some 40 were asked in June to present themselves. Based on this 6 + 5 = 11 cases were rewarded among which the AiREAS ILM project.

This is a huge compliment for all AiREAS partners and the ILM team!!

The price consists of a financial rewards (some 2.200€) and a certificate for everyone involved in this cocreation phase. I suggest we celebrate this together during our annual members encounter!


On December 3rd, during the grand finale in Paris, the winners worldwide of the VINCI Innovation Awards will be announced. Than the short film shot in Eindhoven about AiREAS phase 1 and the articles in English and French will be released too. The marketing department of VINCI agreed that also AiREAS may than use the materials for exposure about our way of working on cocreation of healthy cities.